The Institute of Cancer Research

Siobhan’s Superstar Legacy

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to be invited to the The Institute of Cancer Research, in Sutton, to meet with Dr Sally George and see what our grant of £83,000 has meant to her and her working team.

Dr Sally’s lab is now up and running, it was lovely to see how excited she was and to talk about her trial and the hopes she has for the future. What was very endearing was how she involved Ciara, Liam and Aoife, talking to them, asking them questions and showing Ciara and Liam first hand cells through the microscope, they both enjoyed being involved in their sister’s legacy.

With the grant from Siobhan’s Superstar Legacy and the Arcobaleno Cancer Trust it has meant that new equipment has been able to be purchased and excitingly 2 new members of staff have been employed.

This has been such an amazing feeling for us to be able to use Siobhan’s funds to help with research into Neuroblastoma, something which means so much to us all.

What was so beautiful was that Siobhan has been recognised by Dr Sally and her team and they had special plaques made in her memory to say thank you. These plaques takes pride of place in the Brookes Lawley Building, one on the door to the new lab and the other in the lab where all the hard work takes place, Dr Sally even said to us, they are actually quite poignant as it shows why we are doing what we are doing, to try and find a better outcome.

There is never such a nice feeling than knowing that your helping into research and helping families through their battles with Cancer. We will do all we can to try to make a difference.

The Institute of Cancer Research