Institute of Cancer Research

On Friday 5th May, Siobhan’s Superstar Legacy and the Arcobaleno Cancer Trust had the pleasure to attend the ICR (Institute of Cancer Research) in Sutton.

We were invited by Professor Louis Chesler and Dr Sally George to see some of the work that our grant money of 10K was going towards.

We were also joined by Professor John Anderson who was Siobhan’s consultant. He works alongside Professor Louis Chesler on pre clinical research and bringing trials into action.
It was lovely and emotional to see him again.

Dr Sally George showed us around the labs and we saw 1st hand some of the tests to understand how cancer cells react to novel multi agent treatments in the laboratory environment, which is the 1st step to understand how the disease reacts.

What a privilege it was for 3 of the top researchers in the field of oncology giving up their time to speak so passionately about their work.