GOSH – Sensory Playroom

Siobhan’s Superstar Legacy

Today is a day of love. The hardest thing is when you love someone so much and you know you’ll never see them again.
Everyday we think of Siobhan, everyday we miss her so much and everyday we love her with all our hearts.

Yesterday we went back to the place that became our 2nd home, a place where we have so many different memories.
From sadness, happiness and heartbreak.

We went back to GOSH, but yesterday was a day that made our lives full of joy!

Through Siobhan’s Superstar Legacy and the Arcobaleno Cancer Trust we were able to gift a grant of £4,298 which redecorated and revamped the new sensory playroom. A relaxing room for all the oncology children to enjoy while having treatment. Yesterday we saw 1st hand how a play therapist and child laid there in the room talking and sharing some peaceful time.

What was made more special was seeing many of the staff members who became our 2nd family, they shared Siobhan’s journey with us, through the good, hard and most difficult time of saying goodbye.

Yesterday though they shared this new moment with us at seeing the new playroom, which they said was bringing so much joy and happiness to all the children on the wards.

Today we move forward with more love in our hearts, knowing that this gift is making all those children and families happy and giving them a space to escape.

The Institute of Cancer Research