2023- ROYAL MARSDEN Cellular Immunotherapy – £55,233.46

These funds have supported the new cellular immunotherapy unit which supports the setup and implementation of complex clinical studies in both Haemato-Oncology and solid tumours cell thearpies.

Immuno-oncology is an area of research that explores the interaction between cancer and the immune system to find new treatments. These treatments are known as immunotherapies, and they detect and destroy cancer cells with the aim of eliminating or curbing the growth of cancers. Immunotherapy is a game-changer in the treatment of cancer, and The Royal Marsden is at the forefront of these developments. Thanks to previous Charity funding, The Royal Marsden now has one of the largest cellular therapy trial portfolios in the world for solid tumours.

The Royal Marsden’s new cellular immunotherapy unit aims to build on the success of the cellular therapy research which has taken place at The Royal Marsden so far. The unit has been established to support the set up and implementation of complex clinical studies, that will explore how effective cellular therapies are in treating blood cancers and solid tumours. It will focus on whether we should be using cellular therapies as a first-line treatment, understanding why some patients experience adverse side effects and how to select patients who will have the best response. Funding will include the appointment of clinical research fellows: focusing on CAR-T cell therapy, haemato- oncology cell therapy trials and laboratory research to determine the underlying mechanisms of response and resistance to cell therapies for solid tumours.