2021 – Royal Marsden – £29,500

Although our fundraising has been restricted during the Pandemic, making it harder for us to support a big headline project, the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital presented us with three smaller options for supporting their work

1 – Scalp Cooler Machine [contribution £10,500]

Chemotherapy is a common form of cancer treatment, were drugs work by killing all cells that divide and replicate rapidly. Unfortunately, hair cells are the second fastest to divide and replicate quickly; therefore resulting in hair loss during chemotherapy treatment. The scalp cooling machine & cap helps to prevent hair loss and makes a huge difference to the patients and their selfesteem, making the whole process of their treatment and recovery less stressful.

2 -Medical Precision Tattoo Set [contribution £9,000]

Radiotherapy is a form of treatment where radiation is used to kill cancer cells. A new-to-market medical precision tattoo set, uses non-permanent tattoos to create ‘tattoo dots’ to ensure that the radiotherapy is targeted in the right place.

3 – HALO plus 3 software [contribution £10,000]

Artificial Intelligence in Pathology The HALO plus 3 Software for AI pathology is an imaging analysis package, that is used to identify cells and to count different types of cells within a patient’s tumour. It allows researchers to use computational tools alongside their own expertise to deliver a much more in-depth analysis of cells than they would otherwise have been able to. This software allows for the management of large amounts of data interpretation and analysis.

The grant will go towards improving the software, supporting researchers in analysing large pools of data efficiently, meaning that cancer patients will have treatment tailored to their specific genetic mutations.

Further details on these projects are available via this link