2022- ROYAL MARSDEN AI Imaging – £50,000

Our headline donation of £50,000 for 2022 funds support the lead Clinicians, Dr Christina Messiou & Dr Katharina von Loga on the research into AI Imaging and Pathology Laboratory.

Using a technique called spatially constrained neural networking, a form of artificial intelligence (AI), the team plan to develop new algorithms which can be trained to analyse patient samples automatically. The projects run within The Royal Marsden’s digital pathology lab will enable patients to be matched with the most effective treatment for their specific cancer type on a scale that is simply not possible using current techniques. The team is currently using the HALO plus 3 software that the Arcobaleno Cancer Trust recently funded in the lab and will continue to use this software to develop this project. Your contribution would support the development of this exciting area of cancer research within The Royal Marsden’s Digital Pathology lab.